Fedloan Contact

FedLoan Contact

FedLoan Servicing organization provides you FedLoan contact details such as 1-800-699-2908 for toll-free inside the United States of America and 717-720-1985 for international users. The FedLoan customer service representatives will be available from Monday to Friday through 8 AM to 9 PM for both domestic and international users. Before contacting the FedLoan customer service counselors, you first read the frequently asked questions like Shall I reset my due date?, What is the procedure I need to follow for reviewing the account details and payment transactions?, I am studying in school and why I need to pay the amount to you?, etc. Initially, just go to these questions and explanations then still if you have any queries, contact the FedLoan Servicing customer representatives. Apart from contact number, the company provides you email id and fax and you can utilize these options to communicate with the FedLoan representatives in order to clear your queries which are relevant to student loan, payments, etc. You can visit the online website of FedLoan www.myfedloan.org to know the extreme information about your student loans. 

If you want to perform the payments for your student loan and after completion of payment transactions ny FedLoan, you can view the payment history of your account through online access. Otherwise, you can utilize the contact number of FedLoan to understand the accessing of your account clearly. In the payment processing, many of the borrowers of FedLoan uses the Income-Driven Repayment plan which provides you long-term solution for your student loan account. Under this IDR plan, you can gain the benefits of continuing your education, serving on active duty, options for endorsers and co-makers and co-makers, etc. Using deferment or forbearance of IDR plan, you can enter into residency or internship program while continuing your education and it may help you to postpone your payments. For determining whether your federal student loan is eligible for deferment or forbearance, you need to take eligibility quiz in which you can review how your interest rate impact on monthly payment and your total amount to be repaid. If you want more information regarding this eligibility quiz for deferment or forbearance, you just go the online website or mobile app to realize the eligibility quiz with an explanation as a borrower of student loan. The FedLoan provides you tax information for your payments that are applied to your student loan interests. Using the interests to your payments, you can deduct up to $2,500 per year. If you made the trasactions with the FedLoan directly, then the company send the tax information to you. Or else, you can receive the tax information from your earlier servicer before making transfer action of payments if applicable only. You can get the tax information from online access to your account and after viewing, you can print the information about taxes for your loan account. Here, you need to make a note that if you are not pay more than $600 for every month, you will not receive the tax information through registered email but the company will be sent the instructions to you for online accessing of the FedLoan account.